Thursday, 25 February 2016

Do not believe people who masquerade as the Shiva-Shakti Avatar Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba

I post below an article which came today through email from Sai Spiritual Showers. This has been shared by Dr. Somenath Mitra. This is very relevant in the current context. Note: 'December 198I' must be a few years after 1984, I guess. I think there is a typo there, though I am unable to correct it simply because I do not know which year it was. Maybe it is '1987'.

Sometimes we are blinded by temptations. Then, even the simplest logic cannot penetrate our mind. We overlook explicit warnings given by the Lord. Three years ago, unfortunately I fell a prey to such a temptation and went through a tremendous amount of suffering.

It all happened in the summer of 1984 when I went to Karnataka to visit my parents. Through a friend, we (I and my parents) met a man who claimed to be the incarnation of Shakti, the 'Divine Mother'. We were then told that Baba frequently manifests in him and everything he says is actually Swami's message to whoever prays for it.

The story was temptingly attractive because Baba is the incarnation of Siva-Shakti. We completely succumbed to the possibility of overnight salvation and the assured solution to all our worldly problems. In the process we completely ignored Baba's repeated warnings that He does not talk or work through a third person.

A person who can lie in the name of Swami in spite of being aware of His being Divine can stoop to any level. That exactly was the case with this man. Eventually he caused us a lot of grief and damage. I would not go into details, but what was worse was that we completely lost confidence and faith in our own selves. 

This man slowly enslaved us; his threats induced fear and his orders caused anguish. This went on for nearly two years. In December 198I I visited Karnataka again for a month. What I faced for a month was atrocious and this man did the worst possible things claiming them to be Swami's instructions.

When I returned to the States, I was totally confused, terribly depressed and became a nervous wreck. I could not forget what I had gone through and was completely torn apart. My parents were worried about me. They visited Puttaparthi. They held a letter to Baba praying for my well-being. 

Baba is omniscient. During Darshan He walked straight to my father and accepted the letter. When I was informed about this act of grace, I got a gleam of hope but I was still in the grip of fear, doubt and depression. I could not meditate or do my work at the university. Several times I felt as if I was losing my sanity.

One morning while lying depressed in my bed the inner voice said "Only the Lord can save me, I have to surrender to Him" and I prayed. I called Baba with all my heart. This time He answered; within a few minutes I felt a change. I could feel inner strength; all of a sudden, my depression was gone and I was my own self again. 

"No more blind faith" I decided. I have to find out from Baba about this whole 'Shakti' business. I also realised that there were others like me who were in the same boat as I was, trapped by this man but unable to leave him because they thought that he was Swami's instrument.

I decided to write to Swami. I made discreet enquiries from Sai devotees in New York whether Swami ever replies to letters or not. Everyone said no one had heard of such an incident and the chances were rather remote. However, something inside me kept telling me that Baba will rescue me and answer my query. 

I thought "Swami receives thousands of letters every day. How can I expect Him to write to me?" But the inner voice was very strong and I wrote a long explicit letter to Baba; I poured my heart out since He was the only one I could confide in.

It is true that in His infinite mercy He always comes to the rescue of the needy. Within a few days I received a telegram from Swami which clearly said "The Shakti matter is completely false and of bad quality." He also instructed me "not to believe such people", not to "follow them blindly" and to "inform others" who had fallen into this man's trap, which I promptly did.

Blessed are we who live in this point of time, when the Lord directly comes to our rescue when we get into trouble even though we disobey Him.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My first Raksha Bandhan with my beloved Swami, Sai Krishna

Today is Karthigai Deepam, a festival celebrated by Tamilians. And we too are celebrating it at home. This festival is special for brothers and sisters, just as Raksha Bandhan is in North India. So I am putting up this post as my humble offering and tribute to my beloved Anna Sai Krishna.

On July 19, 2013, I was thinking of how Swami had responded to me as my elder brother on Krishnashtami the previous year (

I immediately felt I should send Him a Rakhi and greeting card to Prasanthi Nilayam for Raksha Bandhan that was coming up on August 20, 2013. So I sat and wrote a detailed letter to Swami explaining how He is my brother Krishna, etc., etc., and how I am His Draupadi. I also said that He should uphold His promise to me and said I wanted to send a Rakhi and card for Him.

The next day on July 20, 2013, I read somewhere that on one occasion when Lord Krishna cut His finger while cutting sugar cane, Draupadi instantly tore off a bit of her saree to tie up His bleeding finger. Krishna then said that she'd tied Him up in debt. He added that He would repay when the time came and He would protect her. I was very moved on reading this and prayed earnestly to Bhagawan to shower His grace upon me, just like He did for Draupadi. I later bought one Rakhi and kept it aside for Bhagawan.

Cut to August 1, 2013.

I bought 2 new Rakhis that morning and thought I would send them to Puttaparthi for Bhagawan and also for a very dear and caring Sai brother but had some hesitation. This is because on one side I was angry and fighting with Swami as I was worried about my mother's impending cataract surgery the next day (August 2, 2013).

Two days earlier, on July 31, 2013, when we went to Sankara Netralaya in Chennai for a thorough check-up by the physician, he checked mom's BP and said it was quite high. He said that he would give tablets for the next 2 days and only if the BP was normal on the morning of August 2, mom would be taken in for surgery. Naturally mom, dad and I were worried and not sure whether the surgery would happen or not.

On August 1, 2013, as I wrote earlier, I was mad at Swami but prayed to Him about the Rakhis as well as mom's surgery the next day. I wrote a letter to Him and prayed intensely about various things that were troubling me. I told Him that it was He who gave me the thought of comparing myself to Draupadi the previous year, and not Radha or Meera. I added that since He had promised as my brother, He should take care of everything. I also told Him that I hoped He would accept my love through the Rakhi and greeting card I was planning to send Him.

That night, I told Swami that I would open a book and look for a message just before I went to sleep around midnight. I told Him it could be anything and nothing specific. The book I opened was ‘Students with Sai – Conversations - Part 1 - 1991 to 2000’ (

I was indeed pleasantly shocked at what appeared on the page I opened up. Bhagawan had spoken about Raksha Bandhan!!! 

This is what was printed there.

August 19, 1997
(The conversation then shifted to Raksha Bandhan – the previous day being Rakhi Pournami. Bhagawan disclosed that the practice had started during the Mahabharatha War)

One day, as Lord Krishna was about to leave for the battlefield, His sister Subhadra came and asked if she could tie a Rakhi to His hand and Lord Krishna agreed.

Tears immediately flowed from my eyes. I thanked Swami for giving me His assurance as my brother and also giving a positive sign to send the Rakhis and greeting cards to Parthi. I also knew He would take care of mom's surgery the next day. Needless to say, mom's BP was normal the next day and her surgery went off successfully. She was back to normal in 2 weeks itself! But the story of the Rakhis and greeting cards did not end there. 

On August 8, I couriered the Rakhis and greeting cards to the brother in Parthi. Little did I realize what drama Swami had planned ahead!

I kept checking the online tracking for the courier but it kept saying 'In transit' and so on August 16, I enquired at the courier office in my area. The person said he'd check and call back in the evening but didn't.

I spoke to the brother that night and he asked me to check if the parcel had reached the courier office in Parthi and let him know, so that he could then go and collect it. He said because of the Telengana issue the courier might have reached the office in Parthi but would not have been delivered inside the ashram.

Another interesting thing is that on August 16, I was searching the Radio Sai web site for a few bhajans in Desh raga and I stumbled upon 'Sai Kanhaiya'. This is a bhajan I know very well but for some reason had forgotten it. Swami reminded me about it that particular day and it got stuck in my mind.

As I ruminated upon the meaningful lyrics, it made me cry and I felt it was customized for me because of its lyrics 'Tum ho mere maa baap bhaiyya, Hridayanivasi Krishna Kanhaiya'. So I decided to sing it on the upcoming Sunday for Swami in the evening bhajan at Sai Nivas, the Sai mandir near my house.

In the meanwhile, I began to get worried thinking "What if the courier doesn't reach Parthi in time? Maybe I should offer a card and Rakhi here at Sai Nivas itself. Swami is very much here." In my mind I said "Swami, you cannot reject my card and Rakhi here. You have to accept."

That is when I decided to prepare a small greeting card and write my heartfelt feelings for Swami. I decided to keep the first Rakhi that I had bought for Him and also sing 'Sai Kanhaiya' for Him. I told one brother here about this idea and asked him to request one of our senior elders to keep the card in front of Swami's photo in the altar at Sai Nivas.

On the evening of August 18, I sang the bhajan during the bhajan session. Later, I asked the brother where the card was placed, since it didn't seem to be in front of Swami's photo. He pointed out that it is below Swami's footstool in His chair. I smiled. More was to come! :-)

We had a meeting of all our samithi members regarding various things that evening and I too attended it. Suddenly, towards the end of the session, one uncle (whom I'd spoken to in the morning and had even shared about Raksha Bandhan and my Rakhi offering to Swami) called out my name and said I should share about Raksha Bandhan and its origin and my experience.

I initially thought, "Oh, why is he doing this? I haven't shared this with too many people." But I didn't want to create a fuss about not speaking. Moreover, I thought it was Swami's will and blessing that I should talk about this on the mike and so I shared all the details. Many people (including the convenor) later appreciated and said I spoke from the heart.

Looking back, I feel that Swami created this drama of the courier apparently not reaching the brother in time just so that I would get prompted to offer the card and Rakhi and the bhajan on August 18 at Sai Nivas to Him. :) Also, He made me speak about it in His presence that evening on the mike. What a blessing!

A little detour here. After nearly 2 years I am putting up this blog post. I was a bit hesitant but thought I will still do it as an offering to Swami. Even as I am composing this in my blog and I finished 'What a blessing!' in the previous paragraph, a rose from Swami's photo on my wall fell with a distinct thud on the floor, as if someone took it and put it down. Wow! :) 

I have not switched on the fan in my room and so there is no wind to make the rose fall. I'm absolutely sure it is Swami who showed His presence now, accepting this blog post. :) Thank you Swami!

To continue the story...

I found out from the courier office the next day that the courier had indeed reached Parthi but was at the office there. So I requested the brother to go and collect the package. He did so on August 19, just a day before Raksha Bandhan. 

I wrote a poem in the greeting card I sent to Parthi for Bhagawan. But sadly I did not make a note of what I wrote.

However I did make a note of what I wrote in the card I offered at Sai Nivas. And here it is:

It is YOU I run to every time I need help or guidance.
It is YOU I hold on to when in pain or anxiety.
YOU know my fears, YOU know my tears.
YOU know my ecstasies, YOU know my efforts.
It is YOUR HAND I clasp firmly all the time.
And it's YOU ALONE I'm totally depending on.

You are my mother, father, brother — MY ALL-IN-ONE PERSONAL GOD.
You know every fleeting thought and every letter I'm about to write.
You never forget a prayer, even if I do.

I have come to realize that I am Thee and You are me,
for I see your response to every thought and plea.

Even if I'm incapable on my own, You have the power to make Your love flow through me.
You alone can change anything and everything.

Dearest Bhagawan,

Tum ho mere maa baap bhaiyya
Hridayanivasi Krishna Kanhaiya
Hridayanivasi Sai Kanhaiya
Paar karo mere jeevan naiyya.

This sacred bond of love that a sister ties to her brother, I tie to You today.
In return, I seek Your love as my protective armour.
May this Raksha Bandhan between me and You last for lifetimes.

I beseech You to accept this offering of love and gratitude!

Swami did acknowledge what I wrote! And how beautifully He did it! :-)

A month later, for my birthday, the brother sent me a loving wish. And in it he had written "Wishing you a great, fulfilling, Sai-filled life ahead!" and "Swami will take care and fill you with His protection and love.... I am sure!!"

I was totally amazed at this because in my heart I felt that in return for the line 'I seek your love as my protective armour' I had written in my greeting card, Swami had sent His promise and reassurance through the words of this brother as my birthday gift, a month after Raksha Bandhan. 

Thank you Swami! You are indeed my eternal and best Anna! :) Happy Karthigai Deepam! :-)

Monday, 16 December 2013

Draupadi's surrender to the Lord and how He saves her

When Draupadi is being disrobed by Dusshasana, she wailed that no one of her masters rose to save her, though she called upon them and reminded them of their prowess and valour. Just then, the thought of Krishna, the Saviour, flashed like lightning and filled her drooping heart with courage. 

"Oh Shyamsunder!" she cried out, "This is not an insult dealt to me. Nor is it an infamous injury dealt to the Pandavas. It is an insult, an injury, dealt on you. You are our all. We depend on you for everything. Is it then just that you should now tolerate this cruel injury being perpetrated on our honour? We have dedicated our hearts to you. Listen, I
have dedicated myself to you. Perhaps, you are not content with what we have so far offered at your feet. Let your Will prevail." Thus, she surrendered fully and unreservedly, to the Lord.

At this, the Guardian of the forlorn, the Saviour of those who surrender, the Lord, took upon Himself the burden of rescuing her from distress. He moved in silent and unseen, and blessed her, unnoticed. And wonder of wonders, the sari which the human ogres were attempting to remove in order to disgrace her was rendered endless. Everyone, including the tormentors, were stunned at the demonstration of Krishna's Grace and Draupadi's devotion. Good men and wise realised that Sathya and Dharma can never come to harm. The tears of joy that rolled from their eyes gave proof of the exaltation they experienced. The wicked Dussasana fell down, exhausted and humiliated. Draupadi did not suffer the least dishonour. All the dishonour fell to the lot of the Kauravas, and the Pandavas were unaffected.

Can God permit the just and moral Pandavas to suffer humiliation? The harm that the Kauravas planned to inflict on the Pandavas recoiled on them only. This was the direct
consequence of the Grace that Lord Krishna showered on your (Parikshit's) grandfathers and grandmother and of the devotion and faith they had reposed on Lord Krishna.

Intending to declare to the world the intense devotion of the Pandavas and its efficacy, and also to hold them up as examples for the Kali Age that was to come, the Lord contrived this thrilling drama. There is nothing more in this than that purpose of the Lord. You may be subjected to calumny, insult and dishonour; you may be plunged into poverty or pain; but the person who has surrendered to the Will of God will welcome each of these gladly and bear it with equanimity. The Lord will never give up His children.

Those devoted to God have to be patient and calm, under the most poignant provocation. The fact is, the pious and the God-fearing are those who are visited by travails and
troubles: in order to teach mankind these great truths, Krishna enacted this drama, with the Pandavas as the cast. Every incident in their lives is but a scene in His Play.

Source: Bhagawan Baba's Bhagavatha Vahini,

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Swami says 'I'm always watching over you'

"Your faith should give you total confidence in Me. You should have implicit confidence that I will look after you. You should have the confidence that My Grace is always with you and that I am always watching over you and protecting you. You should have the confidence that I will never let you down, that I am always beside you, comforting you and carrying you through troubles and hardships. 

Just as you lean against the wall knowing that it will not collapse, lean on Me and depend upon Me entirely. I will then look after you. If you depend upon Me with complete faith and confidence, I shall provide for your welfare and look after all your needs in this world and in the next."

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

An experience with a photo of Swami

Sometime last year (I don't rem'ber when), I came across an old Sanathana Sarathi magazine in which I saw a lovely picture of Bhagawan in the inside cover page. I took out the page and I stuck this picture on the front door of my cupboard. After this, I got a few more lovely pictures of Bhagawan and also stuck them. 

I used to keep wondering whether I will get a soft copy of this same photo so that I can have it on my computer as the desktop background. Somehow till date I hadn't been able to find it. 

But a few days ago, while navigating through some Sai-related web pages, I stumbled upon the very same photo. Boy! Was I pleasantly surprised! I immediately thanked Swami. The photo is given below. See how sweetly and beautifully like a child Bhagawan is smiling in this photo. I just love it! He is indeed Sai Sundara and Sundara Roopa!

Thank you Swami for this 'beautiful' experience and for showing me yet again your Omniscience!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

When will the finish line come?

Swami is putting me through a lot of tests. There is no doubt about that. :)

I feel as though I am navigating through an obstacle course all the time. But somehow by His grace I have learned how to handle various trying situations. 

I really feel I am running some kinda race where the finish line is not yet in sight. Still, something tells me I'm almost there and this is the last lap or something like that. 

I wish Swami would tell me how much longer I need to wait before things start falling in place. But I have to keep the faith and hold on. And all will be well.

I read somewhere that we need to 'walk by faith and not by sight'. I will keep this in mind and hold on for now. :)

Sai inspires mesg for today

Develop faith in yourselves, so that you can stand like a rock braving the rushing waters of the flood of negation. That faith will make you overcome the changing circumstances of the outer world. 

Keep the flame of detachment (vairagya) burning with tiny sticks until it grows into a big bonfire; welcome all chances to develop discrimination (viveka). 

Take the Name of the Lord and repeat it always. Sing to the Lord with faith and enthusiasm. Let the whole environment reverberate with the devotion you put into every Name that you sing. 

The Lord's Name promotes comradeship and establishes concord; it stills all storms and grants peace. Become a blossom, exude the fragrance of seva (selfless service) and prema (love); then you will find a place in the garland that adorns the Lord.