Thursday, 28 July 2011

Accepting even trials and tribulations as God's will

It is very tough to maintain equanimity when one is burdened with a lot of trials and tribulations. But, nothing happens without God's will. When we accept problems as part of life, we will understand that they are placed with a purpose. Everything is for our own good. 

Unless the gold undergoes hammering and beating in the fire, can it acquire the shape of a beautiful jewel? No! Similarly, the problems and challenges we face in life only toughen our character. Holding on to the Lord's feet in such troublesome times will help us handle such tough situations.

I felt at peace on reading the following lines from an old Divine Discourse by Baba.

Even the sorrows and difficulties we experience are for our own good. They are preludes to happiness and bliss. If you cultivate such positive outlook, you will always be blissful.

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