Saturday, 18 May 2013

Grace does entirely away with Karma

When I read the transcript of the talk by Ms. Suma on the Radio Sai site, the following lines struck me.

"Make no mistake; Grace does entirely away with Karma. It is like a medicine which is labelled, 'good until 1968'. If used in 1973, the medicine is entirely ineffective. The body is the bottle, the karma in the body is the medicine, God puts a date on the 'medicine'; so it is not effective." - Baba 

The link for the entire article is here -

Saturday, 4 May 2013

God knows the best time to respond to our love

I read a beautiful story on the Radio Sai web site about hope and love.

The last 2 lines really moved me, "If there is anybody who understands our Love always in the right manner, it is God. But we have to be patient, for God always chooses the best time to respond to our Love, as God is nothing but Love."