Saturday, 4 May 2013

God knows the best time to respond to our love

I read a beautiful story on the Radio Sai web site about hope and love.

The last 2 lines really moved me, "If there is anybody who understands our Love always in the right manner, it is God. But we have to be patient, for God always chooses the best time to respond to our Love, as God is nothing but Love."


  1. Sairam , Good One . I am really happy that i have a short cut to go through missed articles @ Radio Sai journals with a Filter for the best ones .
    Once again Please keep up this good work of Satsang

    Thank you Swami to put me across to your Blog

    1. Sairam bro, I am really glad you are liking all these. It is indeed Swami's grace only. I am grateful to Him. Also, can you let me know your email id? One more thing. it would be nice if you can check all my earlier archived blog posts. I'm sure Swami has some messages for you there also.

  2. Sairam , to be frank - when ever i am looking for a message / some solace i look into your blog and there is some piece of info which is soothing at that point of time and helps me a lot to carry on with my work with an assurance that SWAMI is there with me :) - I will definitely go through all the blogs infact this is like a treasure to me as Radio Sai page does not open from my office and i get to know more through your Blogs - Thanks to our Swami for getting me here into your blog . You can reach me at / .