Wednesday, 16 October 2013

An experience with a photo of Swami

Sometime last year (I don't rem'ber when), I came across an old Sanathana Sarathi magazine in which I saw a lovely picture of Bhagawan in the inside cover page. I took out the page and I stuck this picture on the front door of my cupboard. After this, I got a few more lovely pictures of Bhagawan and also stuck them. 

I used to keep wondering whether I will get a soft copy of this same photo so that I can have it on my computer as the desktop background. Somehow till date I hadn't been able to find it. 

But a few days ago, while navigating through some Sai-related web pages, I stumbled upon the very same photo. Boy! Was I pleasantly surprised! I immediately thanked Swami. The photo is given below. See how sweetly and beautifully like a child Bhagawan is smiling in this photo. I just love it! He is indeed Sai Sundara and Sundara Roopa!

Thank you Swami for this 'beautiful' experience and for showing me yet again your Omniscience!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

When will the finish line come?

Swami is putting me through a lot of tests. There is no doubt about that. :)

I feel as though I am navigating through an obstacle course all the time. But somehow by His grace I have learned how to handle various trying situations. 

I really feel I am running some kinda race where the finish line is not yet in sight. Still, something tells me I'm almost there and this is the last lap or something like that. 

I wish Swami would tell me how much longer I need to wait before things start falling in place. But I have to keep the faith and hold on. And all will be well.

I read somewhere that we need to 'walk by faith and not by sight'. I will keep this in mind and hold on for now. :)

Sai inspires mesg for today

Develop faith in yourselves, so that you can stand like a rock braving the rushing waters of the flood of negation. That faith will make you overcome the changing circumstances of the outer world. 

Keep the flame of detachment (vairagya) burning with tiny sticks until it grows into a big bonfire; welcome all chances to develop discrimination (viveka). 

Take the Name of the Lord and repeat it always. Sing to the Lord with faith and enthusiasm. Let the whole environment reverberate with the devotion you put into every Name that you sing. 

The Lord's Name promotes comradeship and establishes concord; it stills all storms and grants peace. Become a blossom, exude the fragrance of seva (selfless service) and prema (love); then you will find a place in the garland that adorns the Lord.