Tuesday, 1 October 2013

When will the finish line come?

Swami is putting me through a lot of tests. There is no doubt about that. :)

I feel as though I am navigating through an obstacle course all the time. But somehow by His grace I have learned how to handle various trying situations. 

I really feel I am running some kinda race where the finish line is not yet in sight. Still, something tells me I'm almost there and this is the last lap or something like that. 

I wish Swami would tell me how much longer I need to wait before things start falling in place. But I have to keep the faith and hold on. And all will be well.

I read somewhere that we need to 'walk by faith and not by sight'. I will keep this in mind and hold on for now. :)


  1. Sairam Sister , you are right "FAITH Can move mountains " and this is TRUE all we need is Patience and contemplating HIS name during this period and accepting HIS Will .I understand it is easier said by others and but going through this process is really hard. My experieince during these times is just to think and start speaking to SWAMI and involve him into all your daily activities (Even the mundane ones) Again - You will appreciate this better when you read the latest blog by AravindB (Sometimes things go horribly wrong before going right - a message from Sri Sathya Sai Baba)


    1. Yes, I regularly read all the posts on bro. Aravind's blogs and I gain a lot of inspiration from them. Also, I have my own ways of connecting with Swami and as you mentioned I do keep talking to Him the whole day about everything in my life. In fact, I am holding on to Him like never before. :) I have come to realise that He is the only constant unfailing presence in my life and He is always there with me.