Wednesday, 16 October 2013

An experience with a photo of Swami

Sometime last year (I don't rem'ber when), I came across an old Sanathana Sarathi magazine in which I saw a lovely picture of Bhagawan in the inside cover page. I took out the page and I stuck this picture on the front door of my cupboard. After this, I got a few more lovely pictures of Bhagawan and also stuck them. 

I used to keep wondering whether I will get a soft copy of this same photo so that I can have it on my computer as the desktop background. Somehow till date I hadn't been able to find it. 

But a few days ago, while navigating through some Sai-related web pages, I stumbled upon the very same photo. Boy! Was I pleasantly surprised! I immediately thanked Swami. The photo is given below. See how sweetly and beautifully like a child Bhagawan is smiling in this photo. I just love it! He is indeed Sai Sundara and Sundara Roopa!

Thank you Swami for this 'beautiful' experience and for showing me yet again your Omniscience!


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  2. Very True, there is a unique charmness in our beloved Lord in every photo of HIS . The little things which we observe and appreciate help us in understanding that he is always with us guarding and guiding us throughout.