Monday, 19 September 2011

The Loving Mother who twists the child's cheek and then caresses

When we go through tough times, let us remember these lines. God sometimes puts us through testing situations to grant us eternal peace thereafter. I came across the foll. lines from a discourse by Bhagawan Baba. Very profound!

God is not happy unless he gives you some occasional sorrow. 

Even the mother will not be happy unless the child cries heartily. 

Even while kissing the child, the mother twists the child's cheek and then kisses him. 

In the same manner, God also causes several troubles and tests and then will please you.

God makes you cry only to give you extreme happiness after that. 

We will be able to eat more food, if we are hungry, and are able to digest well. 
If the food we take is not digested, how can we eat more food? 

In this manner, at first God gives troubles, sorrow, and pain and then after your digesting these, he gives happiness and bliss.

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