Thursday, 3 November 2011

When does God interfere and come to the devotee's rescue?

It is only when man develops faith in God that God will come to the rescue of man. 
In fact, Divinity is not confined to any form. 

It is a power, and that power is infinite. 
Such an infinite power can accomplish any difficult task.
God may assume a number of forms, but divine power is only one and the same.

Considering the praapthi (deservedness) of the concerned individuals, 
God interferes to bring about transformation in them.

                                                                                              -- Bhagawan Baba

Amazing lines! Resonates the experiences I have had. Swami has touched me and transformed me. I truly believe that He chose to interfere and turn around my life for a reason that He alone knows. I shall remain content with just knowing that He has a plan in mind for me, although I can't see the bigger picture with my limited vision. I'm happy just knowing that He is in control of my life and is with me all the time.

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