Monday, 21 May 2012

God's msg today

"You are on the right path; you are marching straight 
to your own joy, and to happiness for others."

I was indeed thrilled to see this message. I esp. liked the part 'to your own joy, and to happiness for others', b'coz I like to be happy and also make others happy. Here's more of the mesg, which I got in my email today.

Did you need a "signal" from the Universe about this?
Consider that signal as having been sent...

Now it is just a matter of trust. Do you trust that God
knows what She is doing?

You will not have to think but a second to know
exactly why you received this message today.

I take this as a positive sign from God and as a sign of good times ahead, for it is hope that keeps me going. :)

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