Friday, 19 October 2012

Make your choices wisely.

A merchant was once brought before a magistrate for selling adulterated ghee (clarified butter). Judgment was pronounced and as a punishment he was asked to either consume the entire quantity of the foul ghee or receive 20 whips or pay a fine of 100 gold coins. He preferred the ghee and started drinking the stuff a little bit, but finding the smell unbearable, he then chose the stripes. He received a few but could not stand any more. So finally he pleaded with the magistrate to let him go with the fine and paid his dues. If only he had opted for this initially, he could have avoided the foul drink and the excruciating pain. By swaying in his decision, he had to taste the wreck and the rod. So too, most people do not opt for God in the beginning when grief overpowers them. They do not recognize the inevitability but eventually come to God, sooner or later. Make your choices wisely.
- Divine Discourse, Sep 8, 1966.

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