Wednesday, 2 January 2013

God loves every devotee and is aware of his/her trials and tribulations

"God will not be attracted by learning, wealth or material possessions. God is drawn only by devotion. Take to Him, any troubles you have – He will accept all of them and fill you with joy. God loves every devotee. He accepts you for who you are. He is aware of all the difficult situations, trials and tribulations you go through and your devotion to Him, which gives you so much happiness. 

However, this devotion alone is not enough. What is needed is the regulation of that Divine Love, in the form of virtue and service. Do not criticize others, rather criticize yourself. Have the Name of the Lord on your tongue and the Form of the Lord before your eye. If you shape yourself this way, the place where you live will be the holiest of all. Let all your activities be directed only towards this purification in your hearts. I bless each and every one of you with success, in this noble effort!"

-- Bhagawan Baba in a divine discourse on Feb 3, 1964

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