Saturday, 16 March 2013

Wounded lil birdie

In our family (as is the custom in many traditional Hindu families), we have the habit of putting some food as offering for the crows once rice is cooked in the morning. A few crows do come and feed on the rice. 

There are some crows that come and caw even at other times of the day and we feed them pieces of Murukku (a South-Indian snack of savoury crunchy twists made from rice and urad dal flour). Sometime back, there came a crow whose one leg was wounded. It kept limping 'coz there was some problem with its leg. We felt sad on seeing it and started feeding it Murukku pieces. We noticed that other crows started coming too for their share. We did feed them some pieces but made sure the wounded crow did have its share too.

These crows seem to have an uncanny knack of knowing that we will feed them. So, they come and sit on the wall opposite our front door (there is not much distance between the front door and the wall that separates our compound from the neighbour's). They sometimes caw and at other times just wait patiently without cawing. When we happen to move inside our house, we suddenly notice them sitting on the wall and we immediately feed them some pieces.

The crow with a wounded leg is a regular visitor. Once, when it came, there was no Murukku in the house. I tried putting pieces of papad but it didn't touch it. I was wondering what else to feed it. It cawed in hunger. I tried putting a few pieces of puffed rice (pori), which it ate happily and then flew away. Even today, it came limping and ate a few pieces of Murukku and went away. 

As I write this, I feel very much like the wounded crow 'coz I feel so battered and bruised; I have a wound that just doesn't seem to heal. 

The only difference is that the crow keeps coming to us for food often and it does go back happy, but in my case, even when I continue to go back to Swami and keep praying and yearning for Him (for He's the only one who can heal the hurt), He is just not responding!

Only time will heal!

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  1. thanks for sharing Aarthi. riveting piece. I can empathise with you completely. Its just that we are in queue in Swami's darbar - how many times have we heard someone saying 'please wait, your call is in queue'; its the same here, our turn will come too, Swami will have to respond. all it needs is a little bit more shraddha, little bit more saburi.