Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sai - The Omniscient Lord

Here are a couple of small incidents but they meant a lot to me and showed Swami's omniscience.

On Sunday morning, I went to a nearby temple to break a coconut, as an offering to Lord Ganesh. That temple has a lovely idol of Shirdi Sai Baba, which was installed a couple of months ago. There is also a photo of Sathya Sai Baba and also a huge, really lovely framed painting of Shirdi Sai.

There's a small shop outside the temple that sells lamps, matchboxes, kumkum, and other such stuff. The owner of the shop regularly plays devotional songs on a player attached to a speaker. 

When I happened to visit the temple on Sunday, just for the few mins that I was there, ‘Sai divya roopam’ was played on the speaker. It’s a song that I’m familiar with since 1998, but haven’t heard in a long time, except maybe just once a few years ago on Radio Sai. I was surprised but very happy to hear that song in the temple. I felt Swami reaffirming that He’s with me all the time. And I felt He wanted to show me His presence. Beautiful experience!

The second incident is an experience I had today. I went out with my parents to a temple somewhere near Porur. I did see the word ‘Sai’ in many places and also the photo of Shirdi Sai and Sathya Sai in our journey back and forth. But, what struck me was this -– as our bus went on a bridge, just casually, I just looked out of the window. I was thinking “Swami, I’m thinking of you now.” 

At first, my eyes were blankly looking at something at the same level. But just as I moved my eyes down to see what was below, a small van with the word ‘Sai’ on the front passed under the bridge. I felt really blessed. 

It’s amazing how Swami confirms His omniscience and makes things happen in such a way that you know that He’s with you all the time, and that He knows every movement you make. In this case, I felt that He made the truck move exactly at the time I chose to lower my eyes to that level, so that I could spot the word ‘Sai’. Indeed, it is He who is the traffic policeman for the entire cosmos, controlling the movement of every being! What perfect sync and planning! Awesome!

I never get tired of experiencing His omnipresence and omniscience all the time. I pray for many more such wonderful and enriching experiences. Thank you Swami!

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