Thursday, 26 January 2012

Yet another coinSAIdence!

Look at this!

At the same time that these ladies were singing their hearts out in Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam today (from 5 pm onwards), I was seated in Sri Sathya Sai Nivas, Perambur, Chennai participating in the convocation of the Skills School (which conducts tailoring and ITES courses for ladies from weaker sections of the society). We started with Vedam at 5 pm and then bhajans from 5.15 pm.

Guess what color saree I was wearing? The same as these ladies in the picture - a similar yellow saree with red pallu. :) Now, this is certainly not a coincidence. I happened to take this saree from my wardrobe after ages only today. It is Swami who put that thought into my head. No doubt abt that!

I am thankful to Swami for allowing me to lead Vedam today in the function today and also play harmonium for the bhajan and the Arathi song. That too, we have a huge Kulwant Hall cutout in front of the altar in the bhajan hall in Sai Nivas. This really recreates the grandeur of Kulwant Hall in our Sai Nivas bhajan hall. 

When I saw this picture at The Prasanthi Reporter web site (pls visit, I felt really blessed, because I know Swami's always watching me and whatever I do. 

So what if I'm not able to go to Parthi? I'm at least blessed to be able to take part in the Sai activities in the nearby center and thereby dedicate my work to Him. He reaffirmed it for me today. Thank you Swami!

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