Friday, 10 February 2012

Dharmo rakshathi rakshithah

I had a wonderful experience today that reaffirms my conviction to keep doing good and to do work with sincerity and focus.

One of the clients I work for undertakes projects from other clients and outsources it to freelance editors like me. In some cases, payments take time to reach us, because their client takes some time to approve the work. Thus, sometimes, there is a lag of even 2-3 mths between the completion of one project and the actual receipt of payment at my end.

I have been working on 2-3 different projects for my client. I have been meticulously keeping track of all the payments that are due (or so I thought!) Obviously, it's hard-earned money! 

I keep track of invoices that I have raised and also those projects for which I should chk with the project manager (PM) after a month or so.

My PM mailed me today to say that one of our clients has approved the work from Oct 2011 to Jan 2012 and will be making the payment today. She wanted me to mail her the unit numbers I'd worked on during this period. I referred my tracker and mailed her only one unit number, which I completed this January. The last unit I had worked on was in Nov 2011. You see, I happily assumed I would have received the payment for that unit and so, didn't mention it in the mail to the PM.

But I seem to have somehow missed keeping track of that unit. My PM replied to my mail with "Payment for unit 6 was cleared? Pls chk." I went over all my invoices, etc and then realized that I'd overlooked the payment for this unit. I replied saying so and asked her to double-check at her end once again before processing the payments.

The amount is fairly sizable. I really would not have known about this payment, had not the PM brought it to my notice. I immediately thanked Swami for helping me learn an important lesson today. 

He makes sure my rewards reach me even if I completely forget the efforts I have invested in my work. Also, I realized that I should always do my work with the same level of sincerity and focus. Swami takes care of the results.

I learnt the important lesson of "Dharmo rakshathi rakshithah" which means that Dharma guards those that guard Dharma. Amazing incident! We may forget what we have done but Swami never ever forgets!

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