Monday, 23 July 2012

Sai - The Mother of Mothers - A few recent experiences I had

Just to share a few thoughts about my recent wonderful trip to Prasanthi Nilayam. Right from the time mom and I stepped out from our house in Chennai, we felt Swami's hand guiding and protecting us. Truly, Swami is the mother of mothers, watching over us all the time. We have to just keep holding on to His hand all the time. Then, He does take over and plan things for us.

Here are 3 striking incidents which really touched me and showed that Swami is the mother of mothers and really made me feel His love for me. It was as if He was saying "I know you have come to Prasanthi Nilayam. I also want you to know that I am with you all the time and am aware of every lil wish of yours, even if it is a fleeting one."

1. On July 20th in the afternoon, I was just telling amma that we should remember to ask for Vibhuti prasad in the small room near the South Indian ladies canteen in the ashram. That afternoon, one Sai brother had come to meet us. He spent some time with us sharing about Swami.

I dunno what prompted him but just before he left,  he showed us a picture of him with Swami which he has in his wallet & gave us a lil Vibhuti which Swami had given with His own hands when He blessed him for his wedding. WOW!!

I was simply amazed at this beautiful blessing from Swami. I felt Swami saying, "Aarthi, you asked for Vibhuti. Here it is, directly from Me!"

2. On July 20th evening, as I was seated in Kulwant Hall, I could see Swami's students lining up basins full of sweets in the area outside the mandir, which I could see from where I was seated. I was wondering what the special occasion was. Towards the end of the bhajan session, the sevadals came and distributed the sweets to us. As I was wondering which direction I should put out my hand to, I felt a laddoo land on my lap. :) 

I smiled and thanked Swami. I felt Him saying, "You said you've come to your mother's house, right? Will a mother ever allow her child to return without a sweet or two? Here is a sweet for you. And you dun even have to put out ur hand for it."

True. I had told a few friends that I was going to my mother's house, referring to Prasanthi Nilayam.  And Swami had in His own way reiterated that for me. :)

3. On July 21st morning, we had set the alarm for 4 am. Somehow, during the previous night, we could not fall asleep easily, even tho we slept only by 12. I told Swami, "You better wake me up at 4 am. We have to get ready early 'coz we need to start at least by 6.30 am from our room to hand over the room key in the accommodation office and then go to the bus depot. Only if we wake up by 4 am, we can do things in a relaxed manner."

Sometime in the morning, I heard my mother's voice call out 'Aarthi!!' and I woke up with a jolt but noticed amma sleeping. I woke her up and asked if she had called me. She said no. When I saw my mobile, it was 5 mins to 4 am and the alarm hadn't even gone off. I immediately realized it was Swami who had woken me up as I had asked Him to, that too much before the alarm. :) 

I thanked Him profusely. Truly, when we tell Him that He needs to take care of us, He does to the very last detail.

These are just 3 incidents but overall, our recent trip to Prasanthi Nilayam was most fulfilling. Right from the lovely room to the food to the weather to the few people we met and spoke to, everything was so memorable. Everything was so convenient and comfortable for us. All His grace. That's all.

Thank you Swami! What else can I say? You gave me a recent disappointment but I thank you for that also, because only 'coz of that, I felt prompted to come to Prasanthi Nilayam to run into your arms. And boy! What a welcome you gave me! And what a send-off!!

I can only shed silent tears of gratitude! Thank you once again Swami for this lovely blessing!


  1. Aarthi, I am so touched by your simple and loving relationship with Swami. Your innocence and purity keeps you so tuned to His presence in all matters big and small. Many of us miss out on signs of HIs omnipresence because we are so preoccupied with our own mental chatter.
    May your life become His message.
    Love and Sai Ram

    1. It is only His grace that I am able to be tuned to Him like this! :)

    2. Sairam, feeling the Omnipresence of Swami means responsibility. For every incident of grace Swami showers on us means He does expect something more from us. So carry the spirit of your Parthi visit forever and whenever you feel dejected think of those memorable events and march ahead. I feel extremely proud and humbled as the convenor of V. P. Colony samithi that Swami has blessed one of our Sai sisters. May Swami be with you, guide you, guard you, counsel you and lead you in thought, word and deed and at every step towards Him.

    3. Sairam! I too had always felt the caring Hand of Swami holding me every moment in Prasanthi. Beautiful is Divine Love, beautiful are your experiences.

  2. Sairam Aarthi,

    Hope you are well!Are you the one who was interviewed in
    Radiosai few weeks ago?

    I stumbled on your blog thro' Aravind's post. Well I agree with your waking up experience as I have had two such wake up calls. On Swami's birthday in the year 2010 one of our Sai brothers had called us for havan in their house at 5 a.m. On 23rd morning 3.55 a.m. I heard cry of a baby and woke up with a jolt. When I asked the time to my husband he told it was 12.30 with sleepy eyes only to realize after few minutes the time was 3.55 and we had kept alarm at 4 am. Needless to say that I had asked swami to wake us up.

    The other one was just few days ago. I had a dream where I remember seeing a baby with a single tooth crying inconsolably. When I opened the eyes 4.30 alarm just went on. But this cry was exactly what i heard in 2010!

    1. Sairam Poornima, thank u for stopping by. Well, yes, it was by Swami's grace and will that I was interviewed for a short conversation on July 19th as part of the Morning Glory program. :) How did you find the conversation as a listener? U cud email me at

      And abt Swami giving u wake-up calls, I felt nice to read abt ur exp. :) It's amazing when u feel His presence even in small ways.

  3. Yes Aarthi, Swami is at work in our lives constantly. I could completely relate to you because I too feel this every day of my stay in Prasanthi. I pray to Him to wake me up for Nagar Sankirtan and He does! Even if I have slept late :) I pray to Him to bless me with a good idea to work on for a special programme and it just comes! I thank Him every night for all the sweet little things He does for me every day. And He is busy doing this for each one of us. How fantastic He is!