Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Divine Fillip to do Namasmarana

Although I love bhajans, I dun always keep humming a tune within myself. Sometimes, I do and sometimes, I don't. But of late, I have been thinking I should consciously keep remembering the Lord's name and glory at all times and sing some bhajan or other. 

Today, this urge intensified and I kept humming song bhajan or other for most part of the day. To show me I'm on the right path, Bhagawan made sure that many of the bhajans that I had been humming were sung in the Prasanthi Mandir Bhajan session this evening, which I listened to on Radio Sai. In fact, I only caught the latter half of the session as I had gone out during the 1st half.

Just as I was entering my house, I was thrilled to hear 'Madhuvana Murali' and then came 'Samba Vinodini Shiva Sai Shankari'. Although the 2nd one is bhajan I know well, today I was groping for the words. By including this bhajan in the list today, I felt Swami was showing that He even knows which bhajan I'm actually meaning to remember, even if I forget it at that point of time. Then came 'Rama Chandra Shri Ram'
followed by 'Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram'.

As if to propel me to continue this Sadhana regularly, I found on the Prasanthi Reporter web site an article titled 'The Power of the Lord's Name'.

Pls go here to read the full text --

It gives a gist of what Baba said in a discourse on June 22nd, 1989. It stresses the need for everyone to constantly chant the Lord's name for one can never say when the end will come. 

Baba in fact says "By no other spiritual or religious practic­es can peace be attained in this age. The Divine Name can turn poison into nectar. It can revive a lifeless thing. It is surcharged with infinite power."

WOW! That was indeed a divine fillip for my efforts.

And a third mesg just sealed it for me -- "Let your home resound with names no other than those of Mine. It will create peace within you. And those around. For constant repetition of My name forces Me to come and visit and My presence will be immediately known with the calmness which settles your mind."

Pls go here to view this mesg -- Sai Darshan - Part -1 - 55

All these just keep reminding me that Bhagawan is with me every millisecond. He's happy that I've started to consciously sing bhajans and He is encouraging me to do it all the time. Thank you Swami! I pray that you help me always remember your name.

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