Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Prasadam galore and time to thank the Lord

I had gone for a meeting to the company for which I work on freelance projects. It's been more than 3 months since I got into this project. Since the company's client was delaying payments, the payments which were to reach us editors were also getting delayed. We had been told that it was likely to done by this weekend.

Today's meeting was to take stock of the past 3 mths and discuss our feedback, learnings, suggestions for process improvements, etc. based on the work done in the past. That was the agenda or so we thought. Well, yes, that was the main part but were we (the other editors and I) in for a real pleasant surprise today!

The Project Manager greeted each of us with a huge box of assorted chocolates (Cadbury Celebrations), a book, a letter of appreciation for our work and commitment in the project over the last 3 mths and most importantly, the cheque. WOW! I immediately thanked Swami for the Prasadam, which I felt very grateful for. 

Sometime back, a brother who works with Radio Sai shared that Swami mentioned on many occasions that He never pays salaries to those who work in His various institutions. Swami said He only gives Prasadam. That touched a chord with me. 

I felt that whatever work I do, if I dedicate it to Him, then when the pay cheque comes, it automatically becomes His prasadam, right? So today, when I got the pay cheque, I thanked Swami for this prasadam. I also thanked Him for making my day unforgettable with my due reward (the pay cheque & a letter of appreciation from the company) plus gifts galore -- chocolates and a book. :)

It seemed like Swami had chosen today to just shower His blessings abundantly. This was the 1st time in my freelance career that I'm getting such an appreciation. Usually, the clients I work for just send a mail thanking me for sticking to the quality and deadlines and they make the payments on time. But that's about it. So today indeed made me feel really nice to be appreciated. I immediately know whose handiwork this was. Who else but my Swami? I kept thanking Him. That's all I could do.

He made my day even more sweet by showing that He knows every lil fleeting wish of mine. In one of the emails I received today, I found this photograph.

Kaise jiyun mein tere bin

The above picture is the bigger version of the 2nd smaller picture, which I insert below.  

My Sweet Swami
I was smiling to myself on seeing the big photo. And then it suddenly hit me!

I have a folder on my computer where I keep adding lovely photos from wherever I can find them online. I remember adding this small image also to that folder quite sometime back. At that time, I just wished that I could have a bigger and clearer picture where I could see Swami's face very closely. Of course, I cherished the small one and even used it as my desktop wallpaper sometimes (I keep changing my wallpaper every few days).

I may have forgotten it, but the omniscient Lord chose today to fulfill that desire of mine. He sent me this beautiful close-up pic of the very same photo. :) My God! What thanks can I render unto thee My Lord? Thank you for filling me with gratitude today.


  1. yours is not a sullied heart, aarthi. rather its unsullied or else the Lord won't be hearing your voice and wishes with such clarity. Keep the posts coming in!


  2. Swami does answer all our prayers. Swami's watch is never slow,it is just that ours is a little too fast. Swami's timing is really wonderful... God bless you.Sairam