Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Destiny, Providence, God -- all mean the same

An old man was once warned that there was a cobra on the roadside of the path he proposed to walk through. But he said, he had never seen it and so he did not believe it. Unfortunately for him, he did believe in it later, after it bit him. But then, it was too late to benefit from the information that he had heard earlier.

Several leaders had to acknowledge that there is destiny that shapes events in lives, irrespective of individual efforts. Know that everyone has to come to the same conclusion, sooner or later, for there is a limit to the capacity of the individual to control events in the world. 

Beyond that, there is an Unseen Hand that takes over the wheel of events. One may call it Destiny, another may call it Providence and the third may call it God – the Names do not matter. What matters is your humility, your ability to wonder, and sense of awe at the grandeur and magnificence of Divinity.

-- Sathya Sai Baba, in a divine discourse on 14th Jan, 2002

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