Thursday, 15 November 2012

Walk one step at a time

"Step by step, you reach the end of the road. One act followed by another leads to a good habit. Listening over and over again, you get prodded into action. Resolve to act, to mix only in good company, to read only elevating books and to form the habit of remembering the Lord's name (Naamasmarana), then ignorance will vanish automatically. The Divine Bliss that will well up within you by the contemplation of the lord who is Bliss Personified, will drive out all grief and worry. Move forward towards the Light and the shadow falls behind; move away from it and you have to follow your own shadow. Go every moment one step nearer to the Lord and then maya (illusion) which is the shadow will fall back and will not delude you at all."

-- Bhagawan Baba

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