Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Never give up!

I came across the foll. lines in one of Baba's divine discourses. They are very encouraging and have strengthened my resolve. I thank Swami for His loving words of wisdom and for making them reach me today.

Having resolved, what ought to be resolved, hold on to it till you have succeeded. Having desired what ought to be desired, hold on to it till your desire is fulfilled. Having asked what ought to be asked, do not leave the hold till you get it. 
Having thought what ought to be thought, hold on to it till you have succeeded. 

With heart mellowed, the Lord must yield to your wishes or forgetting yourself, you should ask Him with all your heart. Persevere, be tenacious, and never give up, for it is the quality of a devotee never to retreat, abandoning his resolve.

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