Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Was that a Coincidence?! Nah! Divine Planning!

I was having an interesting discussion with a friend today on Google Chat. We spoke about how just sitting tight with just a prayer on the lips does not help. One needs to get down into action towards the goal one wishes to achieve. The efforts need to come from us. Only then God can grant us what we pray for.

As we kept chatting, I was reading through an earlier mail I had received a few months ago and came across these lines: "Efforts are always in our hands. Results are in His. But we must first make the effort, isn't it? Like the man who kept praying for a lottery win till God shouted saying "At least buy the ticket first, before I make you win!" I smiled when I read those lines 'coz the truth in them was so beautifully put.

Before I could copy paste them onto the chat window for my friend, she keyed in similar lines, saying she got them from an email from her friend. "Guy prays to Shiva to win the lottery. Does this for years. Finally Parvati tells her husband "Why don't you help him?" Shiva says,"I want to, but the guy hasn't bought a ticket yet."

Both of us had a hearty laugh and we were amazed at the strange coincidence! The same idea from two different people sent to two friends, who happened to chat today. :) Wow! What planning! No wonder God is the perfect master planner! Hats off to Him!

Although these lines have a tinge of humour, there is a strong inherent truth in them, which is "Start doing what you need to!! Only then can you expect God to help you." I thank God for this lovely message in my life today, as it did give me some clarity on something I was clueless about, until a few days back.

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  1. Aarthi,

    U r receiving wonderful answers to many questions & I have also received an answer to the questions that have been raising on & off but which I've been trying to ignore. Did read the earlier ones. Keep going.