Friday, 24 August 2012

Swami knows what I am going through and He shows it

I was looking through some feedback sent by readers on Heart2Heart articles in the archives of Radio Sai (I stumbled upon this in a search for something else). I just opened up one article and said, "Swami, I'm seeking a message from you. Let me see what you tell me in this article."

As I scrolled through the Web page, my eyes fell on these lines and as I read them, tears just started flowing freely from my eyes.

"Amavasya or the new moon night – dark night - is not everlasting. Poornima or the full moon night is certain to follow. Just be patient for some time. Know that Swami’s protective eyes and watchful eyes are ever on you. Swami will never put you through difficulties. Because of difficulties coming one after another in succession, your mind is agitated. This is the time to use Swami’s name for courage. 
Will anyone wear woolen clothes in summer and thin cotton garments in winter? Never, ever! For the present heated state of your mind, wear the cooling garments of Bhagavat Chintana or remembrances of God. Do not increase the heat of your mind by wearing the woolen clothes of Prakriti chintana or thoughts of the world."

Yes! Swami knows the pain I am going through, but it's all for a reason. I shall hold on to Him and Him alone and seek my answers from Him.

Thank you Swami!

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