Thursday, 25 August 2011

God answers prayers sometimes in the way we don't expect!

Today, I was praying to Swami to make a flower fall from His picture or from any of the idols in the bhajan hall at the Sai center I go to. I wanted to see the flower fall. I kept waiting during the bhajan session. However, I didn't notice it happen.

But, after the bhajan session ended, I noticed that a small part of the garland had fallen on the floor in front of the Ganesha idol on the dais. When I asked the aunty next to me, she said that it had fallen sometime when we were singing the Arathi song (I had not seen it fall). I felt so happy that Swami had heard my prayer and answered it, though in His own way and not in the way I expected. I felt Swami saying "I heard your prayer! And I fulfilled your wish!" :)

And that was not all! Along with the usual Vibhuti prasad, each of us got a Cadbury Daily Milk Eclairs too. Wow! A double treat for me today! I felt the sweet and the flowers augured well for me, indicating positive things ahead! Thank you, Swami for this wonderful blessing today!

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