Saturday, 20 August 2011

God's love engulfs me - Lovely lines I chanced to read today!

God loves me in this very moment, just as I am. I do not have to change myself or perform some special task in order to earn divine love, for as God's child, I am loved freely and completely.

God's love for me is always present, regardless of circumstances. Therefore, my actions in the past cannot deprive me of God's love.

Through God's infinite love for me, I am continually nourished and encouraged to do better. The past is over, and God upholds me in doing my best right now.

God's love surrounds and enfolds me, uplifting me at all times. I am one with God's love, and it flows through me like a cleansing stream, healing past hurts and carrying me forward with great confidence. Enfolded in God's love, I am at peace.

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