Sunday, 21 August 2011

Swami's words of encouragement for me today

I felt greatly encouraged on these lines, which I happened to come across, spoken by Baba in one of His 1973 Summer Showers in Brindavan.

"It is desirable to undertake various practices to win the grace of the Lord at this young age while you have the energy and ability to learn and concentrate. It is quite probable that some of your friends may point out to you that this is the age to make a success of yourself in worldly affairs. They will advise you to earn money and enjoy life. According to their way of thinking, the pursuit of God can be kept in abeyance till the age of retirement from active life. 

But, the fact is that the young age, being impressionable and formative, is the right age to develop sacred ideas and practice spiritual sadhanas. It is common knowledge that if throughout one’s life one pursues Maya, then at the time of death it will not be possible to divert one’s thoughts towards God. Therefore, now is the time for you to lay the foundation for a good future."

Thank you Swami for showing me your presence today!!

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