Sunday, 28 August 2011

True devotion

Bhakti (devotion) occupies pride of place in Bharathiya culture. Devotion does not only mean performing rituals, undertaking pilgrimages, or visiting temples. These are actions merely indicative of devotion. 

There is a power which provides the impulse for these actions and that is the love of God. Bhakti means Paripurna Prema(complete love). This love is motiveless; love based on a reason cannot be real love.

As a river seeks to join the ocean by a natural impulse, as a creeper winds itself naturally around a tree to climb upwards, the devotee's love is a spontaneous expression of the yearning to realise God. It is free from worldly desires of any kind.

To experience the presence of the Divine, your love should flow as a pure selfless stream. You should regard the Divine as the One that pervades everything. Practise seeing God in every object in the cosmos and firmly believe that all names and forms are derived from God.

                                         -- Lines from a discourse by Baba on Sep 15th, 1988

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