Saturday, 24 December 2011

In you, around you, behind you, above you, below you

“I am in you, around you, behind you, above you, below you.... I am always with you” – Bhagawan Baba

What a statement! I experienced what this means in real terms today.

During the end of my college days, I had asked my friends to write their thoughts and wishes for me in autograph books, which I felt would be a good storehouse of memories for me during later years. And yes, I did feel very nice and warm inside, later on, whenever I revisited those books.  

But, of late, I've kinda outgrown the need to maintain them, 'coz I cherish the memories deep inside my heart and don't feel the need to have the books in the physical form any longer. Hence, a few days ago, I shredded the papers that contained writings from these books. I took out the unused papers so that mom and I can use them as scribble pads at home.

Today, I just wanted to double check whether I'd overlooked taking out any pages that contained writings in them. I found a couple. I read my friends' jottings once before shredding the papers. And this is what I found from one friend – "All the best for a great future. May Baba's blessings be with you." :)

Apparently, the person who'd written this had known that I'm a Sai devotee during my college days itself. :)

I felt so happy and definitely blessed to see these lines today. And it made me wonder how Swami had planned an incident in my past and made me revisit the lines today! :) Isn't it amazing?

This is yet another small incident in my life, but a very powerful reminder that Swami is always with me and indeed, each of us, at all times :) He knows the past, the present, and the future of every being! That is for sure. 

It's such an incredible, inexplicable experience to be so tuned to the Divine Presence all the time, every day. Truly exhilarating! I hope and pray He makes me continue to feel His presence every day and every moment. :)


  1. Hopefully more young people like yourself will practice His presence in their daily lives and enrich the world around them.

  2. Wonderful!truly tuned! :)