Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sai Inspires - Difference between fortitude and patience

Generally, people seek only happiness and joy; under no circumstance do they desire misery and grief! They treat happiness and joy as their closest well-wishers, and misery and grief as their sworn enemies. This is a great mistake. 

When you are happy, the risk of grief is great; fear of losing the happiness will haunt you. Misery prompts inquiry, discrimination, self-examination and fear of worse things that might happen. It awakens you from sloth and conceit. 

Face the dualities of life with thithiksha (fortitude). But be aware, thithiksha is different from patience (Sahana). 

Patience is putting up with something; tolerating or bearing with it because you have no other choice. 

Fortitude is having the capacity to overcome it, but yet, disregarding it - that is the spiritual discipline. 

Putting up with the external world of duality with inner equanimity and peace is the path that will lead you to liberation. 

Bear all, with analytical discrimination - this type of patience will yield good results.

-- Sri Sathya Sai

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