Thursday, 22 December 2011

Message from God - Direct Dil Se

My heart was yearning for a direct message from God today and I found it in the most unlikely manner. 

I was watching a video from Souljourns about the Christmas celebrations in 2009 in Prasanthi Nilayam. (You can watch the video at

I did not watch the video entirely but kept forwarding and pausing to watch at places where the proceedings interested me (or the music). At one point, I noticed that the video had zoomed in on the lyrics of a song which the choir was practising.

And the lyrics on my screen at that particular moment where I'd paused the video ran thus: "Give your heart unto Swami. Give Him first place in your life. He will guide you & guard you & care for you, through all of life's worry and strife."

That was enough for me. :) So poignant! It was definitely not by chance that i happened to pause the video at exactly that point where these lines came up. What a way Swami chose to send me this message. He thinks of the most innovative methods. :) Simply amazing! He's truly a master planner.

Thank you Swami for making my day with this beautiful incident. And for reaffirming my faith in you every day. It just keeps growing and growing.


  1. Wow!So Profound!What awareness!God Bless You! :) Sairam!

  2. This is a message for me too. To give "Swami the first place in my life". Though I keep telling this as my prayer every morning as soon as I get up, yet in the process of the day's chores, I feel I drift away from this feeling. Tnx for reminding & re-iterating this truth. Leaving to Parthi for Christmas.