Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Omnipresent Sai

Two incidents that occurred today just reaffirmed that God is always with each of us, at all times. No doubt about it! He knows every little thought we have, every word we speak, every breath we take, every action we do. 

I dunno why but in the last couple of years, I've taken a preference for varying shades of purple in many of my clothes purchases. I have salwars and sarees in shades of lavender, purple, etc. Today, when I went out, I just happened to choose a salwar from my wardrobe in this color combination - purple, white, and pink.

To my utter amazement, sometime later in the day, I read an article on theprasanthireporter.org where I saw this beautiful photo of Swami with a young lady, who was wearing a similar color combination.

What astounded me more was that in the article, she mentions how Swami directed her in a dream to choose this color combination and wear it during her talk in Dec 2009 in Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam. And the icing on the cake was the significance she attributes to each of the colors (white for 'peace', pink for 'love all, serve all', and purple for 'transformation'). I was simply stunned! These colors had a significance 'coz I'd worn them today. Moreover, the message for each color left me speechless.

Although this might seem a rather small incident, I personally feel that Swami had sent me a strong message today. He willed that I should read this article today. Yes, He has transformed me; yes, He has filled me with peace; and yes, He has taught me to love all and serve all (and I am trying my best to do that). 

What a revelation, esp. the part about 'transformation'! Amazing! I can only say a silent prayer to Him in gratitude for everything He's doing for me. 

The other incident was that I happened to post a comment on a blog today where I mentioned the foll. point - Swami once said,  "I know everything but pretend as though I know nothing. Man knows nothing, but pretends he knows everything." 

I listened to a talk downloaded from Radio Sai in which the lady being interviewed echoes the same point -

"In truth, Swami knows all about our past, future and present. But He feigns ignorance. Someone asked Swami what was the most difficult task for Him. He replied, “To pretend that I do not know anything despite knowing everything.”

I smiled to myself when I heard these lines. What more proof does one need to believe in His omnipresence? If we firmly believe that God is always with us, we would certainly watch every single thought, act, and word of ours. That way, we only stand to gain, because every good thing gets accumulated in our deposit as credit. By doing, being, and seeing good, we can save ourselves from a lot of future misery. 

Do read the transcript at http://media.radiosai.org/Journals/Vol_09/01MAR11/04-niranjana.htm and you'll understand how we can maintain good credit in our account with God.

Amazing lessons today!


  1. I concur with the view that the universe is always alive and sensitive to our needs for the right message, affirmation and pat on the back when we need one. Incidentally, purple is one of my 4 favourite colours.

    Congratulations for making such a genuine effort to live in a state of Constant Awareness. After a while it becomes one's nature and that is when you realize what a blessings it is to be alive at all levels. Good luck in your spiritual quest. May the angels hold your hand and walk with you in your higher pursuits.

  2. Wonderful Account of your experience! I agree with the above comment!Reflects everything that's on my mind after reading your blog! btw,Dr.Niranjana was my teacher and a very inspiring one at that! God Bless ka! :)

  3. Truly agree with you. When we are in a state on constant integrated awareness, we can see and feel The Unseen hand of our beloved Swami in all the small and big happenings in our life.Really nice incident and I did not know that the color purple signifies transformation. Thanks.....

  4. Wonderful, to read your experiences & the transformation that you are undergoing. When we leave everything to the Lord, he takes over so easily. Till then we struggle so much. Keep inspiring & posting as you gain experience.

  5. arathi :) enjoyed reading this piece.

  6. Beautiful! Yes, Swami is so much there! And if only we yearn for Him even a little He fills us with His presence! It is heartening to read your experiences.