Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Being open, ready to accept help from any quarter

I got this interesting quote via email from the Neale Donald Walsch website (I'm subscribed to receive inspirational quotes from this site).

You should always have your hook baited. In the pool you least think, there will be a fish.

Ovid, the Greek poet, said that, and he was right. You never know when and where your next miracle will appear. So be ready. Be open. Be cheerful, receptive, even expectant.

And do not limit the shape and size in which your miracle can come. Sometimes the smallest keys turn the biggest locks.

So be on the lookout today. Be ready. You asked for some help, and you're going to get it.

I smiled when I read this quote, because yesterday, I did get help from some unexpected quarters.

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  1. so true ... you never know ...
    a great post !!!