Monday, 2 May 2011

My first blog - first post

What made me take to blogging today, after so many years of knowing about the existence of blogs? Well, it's divine will, I should say. I was cleaning up my shelves 2 days ago and simply discarding all unused, unwanted stuff. I spent some 4-5 hours on that task and I did feel a lot lighter at the end of it, because I felt holding on to unnecessary stuff was probably not a very good thing.
As if to reiterate the fact, I got a forward today with a wonderful PPT that talked about how we should discard useless stuff on a regular basis. And it's not just with regards to material objects (in my case, cds, junk jewellery, unwanted papers, etc.). It's also about letting go of our past unwanted memories, thoughts, fears, worries, etc. By doing so, we would create empty space and make way for new things to enter our lives.

I felt at peace on going through that PPT. I always go by my heart and even though I sometimes do things on an impulse, my heart is the factor that always drives me. Two days ago, when I did some 'spring cleaning', I did start doing it impulsively, but I also knew that it would help me in many ways. And if as to say 'Yes! You were right!', I received the forwarded PPT today. And I felt thankful. This may seem a small coincidence to others, but to me, my day has been made.

So, I thought to myself 'Why don't I start writing about the little things in my daily life that make me happy and leave an impact on me?' This thought provoked me to start this blog. Again, pls note that I have started this blog impulsively. :) I really dunno how regularly I can post. But, I do hope I can do so often. Writing does make me feel better. I also hope that just as I can often relate to what others write (based on what I experience in my own life), at least a few of the visitors to my blog can relate to what I write.
As for the title of this blog, it struck me as a flash. Since I am trying to discover my true self and I've just about started with baby steps, I felt it would be apt. I hope I can write posts that would in some way be related to this title. 

You can download and check the PPT that I mentioned at the foll. Google Docs link 

A request to all those who read this blog - pls do leave me your comments, esp. since this is my 1st post! 
Warm Regards,


  1. Great Start Aarthi! The journey of a thousand miles does begin with a single step. The external spring cleaning is symptomatic of an inner catharsis. All the best in your seeking.

  2. Good Luck ... Best Wishes ... Good start ...

  3. Sairam Aarthi,

    Nice that you started a blog. May the invisible hand supports you all the way!

  4. Started a good service as an instrument of SWAMI... May swami play his notes through... SAI RAM

  5. Congrats on the new blog, Aarthi! And All the Very Best! :)
    - aNNan Vijay (nallaa irukku, illa?) ;)

  6. I liked the reason for starting your blog - coz your heart said so.....That should be the sole reason- nothing else - for starting to do anything.
    great beginning..........
    Personally, I have experienced that as long as just writing in itself gives me great joy, its good........But the moment I expect my writing to get some results, I feel disappointed....
    Thats why I felt so thrilled that you are writing only because your heart says so.....MAy God bless you and may that be the ONLY motivation for your writing.