Saturday, 7 May 2011

My tribute to Swami (Sathya Sai Baba)

The poem below was written in the wee hours of 4th May, 2011. I truly believe that Swami merely shed His mortal coil on April 24th and that He forever lives in the hearts of all His devotees. Even though I've had only a few darshans of His physical form, I have felt His unseen hand, His guiding presence in so many instances, in the smallest of things. Even now, I continue to feel His presence. And I know for sure He will always be with me, throughout my life. 

I was tossing and turning on May 4th early morning (around 3 am), unable to sleep. I was listening to the songs Swami's students had sung during the final ceremony on April 27th in the Prashanti Nilayam ashram (in Puttaparthi). Somehow, these thoughts came to me in a flow and I felt I should pen them down. 

The following poem is my humble tribute to Him and what I learnt from His life in the human form. 

You showed me what unconditional love is.

Pure and selfless…


You showed me what Divine Grace means…

… by turning my life around.

You showed me what transformation is all about.

You gave me hope to look into the future.

You filled my life with a purpose.

You made me realize I have a role to play in your Mission.

You have shown me what it means to just keep giving, without ever taking.

You have taught me that distance never matters; what does is a sincere thought of you, and you’re there beside me, holding me in your arms.

You have taught me to count my blessings and to appreciate the l’il joys of life.

Inexplicable bliss is what I’ve always felt after beholding your Divine Physical Form, though not once have you uttered a word or smiled.

You have left me wondering …

…how I can ever thank or repay you.

O Mother of Mothers, beloved Sai Maa, I have only one prayer now …

Help me make you my proud mother…

Make me your worthy instrument ‘til I merge in you!!!



  1. So beautiful!

    May God grant all of humanity what you have asked of Him!

  2. @ Aravind - Thank you! It's Swami who inspired me to write this!! The words just poured out in a torrent in the early hours that morning!! I'm grateful to Swami for making me write this! :)