Sunday, 8 May 2011

God saved the day!

This evening, we had a cultural program by Bal Vikas kids at Sri Sathya Sai Nivas, the Sai temple in Perambur, which is incidentally the first temple that Baba built outside the Prashanti Mandir.  It's turning 50 years old next year.

For those who are unaware, Bal Vikas classes are conducted in all Sai centers free for all kids who join, provided the kids are in the age group of 4 to 15. In these classes, the teachers help kids understand the core human values and how to practice them in their own little lives, thereby making them grow up with strong ideals. 

They tell the kids stories about great saints, philosophers, leaders; they teach them bhajans and devotional songs. According to their age, the kids are grouped and taught. It is not mere education. Kids learn how to lead a beautiful life - with all the good virtues like compassion, love, friendship, forbearance, willpower, faith, patience, etc.

I wish I had studied Bal Vikas but alas! Destiny had other plans. Anyway, I am happy whenever I get a chance to help with the cultural program by the Bal Vikas kids. Today was one such day.

Among other programs, there was one where a group of girls sang 3 songs, which I had helped them practice. I accompanied them on the harmonium for 2 songs, while I played on the keyboard for 1 song. As I played the background music on the keyboard, I accidentally pressed a wrong button and so, the in-built beat (tempo of the song) faded out and stopped. Thankfully, God made my reflex action work quickly and so, I was able to restart the beats within a few seconds. And the song continued ...

I had made such a grave mistake which could have spoilt the whole song but thank God! That was not to be...

When I spoke to one aunty about the program later, she told me that she thought I had deliberately stopped the beat and restarted it. LOL!! That was when I realized how God saved my day!! What I thought was a mistake (which I scrambled to correct hastily) was actually considered part of the show by the audience. Gosh! Truly, Swami never lets down any of His children, esp. during crucial moments. I experienced it today.

Thank you Swami! I hope you were happy watching the entire program today. All of us did our best.


  1. good work sis..
    oly thru dis post i come to kno dat funny thing..
    btw, da prog was fantastic..
    kiddo'Z performance was really gr8.. :)
    i pray god dat we must get more better :)